Month: October 2019

And Save our Summer Savings (Discussion)

What’s going on with the new winter time? Our reporter watched the news carefully (obsessively) and noticed something peculiar. Food for conspiracies!

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Who is to blame for the Dutch agricultural impasse?

An opinion piece – by David Benjamin de Winter One of the most heated and prevalent discussions in Dutch society right now, and most certainly in the hallways of Wageningen University, is the debate about the reculturisation of our agricultural landscape. The discussion is in full swing at this moment, as many people are afraid […]

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Next year’s Nobel Prize for Wageningen – this is how we do it

It is the most disappointing time of year for our beloved university. The awarding of the Nobel Prizes. For the 118th year in a row, Wageningen continues its dry spell, as again none of its researchers managed to win a prestigious Nobel prize. Even yesterday’s economic prize was out of WUR’s reach! How about next […]

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