Month: June 2020

I cant believe it

New multinational Upfield coming to campus: Unilever 2.0

Again, a multinational decided to settle in Wageningen. Say welcome to Upfield.

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Give your opinion about student loans: #nietmijnschuld

To put an end to the current student ‘leenstelsel’ (loan system), S.A.W. is leading the #nietmijnschuld (not my debt/ not my fault) campaign in Wageningen. In the next two weeks, students can give their input on what they think should change. We speak to Sammy Xie, treasurer of S.A.W. who is eager to share with us the importance of the campaign.

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Student council election does not bring changes in seat distribution

Last week, 28.7% of the students voted during the student council elections and here are the results: Of the 3,402 valid votes: 388 votes have been given to the christian student party CSF, 1,121 votes have been given to S&I (sustainability and internationalization) and 1,873 votes have been given to VeSte. (Verenigde Studenten) The definitive […]

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