The day the world stopped

Once upon a time,

The world stopped.


The day started like any other,

With students flocking to campus and

Missing those long days of summer

Sitting on roll-y chairs and

About to rediscover

Their long-lost love for numbers.


After a long day’s class

With their heads ready to explode

Students ran out of the forum

Only to discover

That their networks had been taken

And that they could no longer contact their other


How would they organise their dinner?

Or catch up on their friends’ lives?

Get updates from the left-wingers?

Or look back at their archives?


While some refreshed anxiously,

Others waited patiently

For their lifeline to come back.


But then, something happened.


Instead of looking up to the sky

Asking why, almighty why

Did you take our networks away?

Students soon realised

This was an opportunity to play.


Open a book and read some Hemingway

Maybe plan a getaway

Head to the woods and spot the milky way

Or have a foodie Monday


Sit in silence and meditate

Hit the streets with a skate

Have a dance party with your housemate

Or simply allow yourself to vegetate.


Wageningen lit up

With sounds and smells and

Activities it had never known

For all were there

And not on their phone.


Once upon a time,

The world started again.


Students woke up from their beauty sleep

Thanks to their phone’s beep

Had it all just been a dream?

Or was it part of a scheme?


The sounds of tweets returned as main beats and  

People looked down rather than up at the streets.

Students flocked to campus and

Nodding at each other

Implicitly acknowledge that they’d

Seen the other side

And gotten through it together.

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