Controversial WUR Housing

To all International Students: Housing is available (but you should share a kitchen with 70 people)

On Monday this week, over 15 tents popped up next to the pond, creating a small stir in the ever quiet Wageningen. A group of students has set up camp to manifest for the student housing shortage. Their goal: to create awareness for the growing community of students without a permanent or stable living.

However, when asked about the situation, the spokesperson of the WUR said there should be no need to protest for international students as there are still rooms available on the old ‘Kazerne’ in Ede for which international students get priority. He asked us to direct all the homeless international students to report to him, as he is willing to personally make sure that housing is assured.

Although the housing in the Kazerne might be a solution to some, for others the housing might be considered too ‘primitive’. Last year’s article in the Resource describes the housing situation as an absolute emergency shelter: two persons are required to share a room with nothing more than a curtain in between, the kitchen is shared with 70 students and there are seven fridges available for the 140 awaited students.

For the international students on the waiting list, it is to be hoped that the apartments in Kortenoord will soon be completed. The Dutch homeless students in Wageningen for now will have to rely on the kindness of their hosts and the accuracy and vitesse of the Dutch railways.

If you’re an international student and you’re still interested in the apartments in Ede. Please send a message to the jester email, or drop by the tent camp this week, and you will be put in touch with the right people to hook you up with a room.