Muscular woman carries the world on burning Atlas building made out of bones

We tried to interpret Resource’s drawing accompanying this week’s article ‘What Should WUR Do About The Climate Crisis’

Let’s start by describing what we see and be careful not to upset anyone here: We see a woman carrying the world. We can tell it is a woman, because of the large breasts depicted. This woman could represent Atlas: the mythological world-carrier. Normally Atlas is depicted as a man, but it’s 2020 now, so whatever those Greeks said is irrelevant. We need strong role models and this role model has very well-trained abs. And also white hair.

And she is rising from what seems to be the building of WUR’s Atlas. Or is she trying to escape? That would make sense, because Atlas ‘the building’, is on fire. Strangely enough, in an article about the climate crisis, it is not the world that is on fire, it is the WUR itself. Anyway, if I were Atlas, I would not try to escape through the roof, because everyone knows that’s where the fire will go. Luckily now the smoke only reached the southern hemisphere: Amazonian rain forest, Australia etc. If she would have held the world upside down, Europe would be in big trouble. Or she could have waited on the big field, like normal people when there’s a fire drill.

The fire also reveals a quirky construction flaw in the Atlas building. Apparently it has been made out of human bones?!? The situation seems to be worse than with the world cup football in Qatar!!

Question remains, what does this all mean? We give 3 interpretations!

  1. Atlas is actually built on bones, and the artist somehow knows this and is silenced in its basement and we should go and help him escape!
  2. The big breasted woman on top of Atlas is in fact Beyonce and she will give a performance for WUR’s 102nd anniversary! The fire show is gonna be sick, so be sure to book tickets!
  3. The world is actually on fire, but WUR refuses to take a stance and therefore is partially responsible for the climate crisis induced deaths

Sure hope it’s 2!