Ring road around campus – Six alternatives explained

In the recent report on the new road around campus, six routes were proposed to race around campus. Because many of you probably could not tell the difference between the six alternatives, we describe here what makes every route so special. Which variant would you choose?

Variant 1: Pretty straight road. A slight competitive advantage to cars with a better engine. Destroys a forest and a student farm.

Variant 2: Very curvy road. More opportunities to take over. Perhaps a good opportunity for Max Verstappen to take the lead. Unfortunately still destroys a forest and a student farm

Variant 3: Turns Bornsesteeg into a giant roundabout. Still destroys forest and student farm.

Variant 4: Starts out by destroying a forest similar to variant 1, but then takes a straight line to your vinex home in Ede. If Hamilton takes pole position here, no one will be able to beat him.

Variant 5: Just cuts straight through all buildings in campus. A bit like the Monaco circuit. Watch out for cyclists, you crazy drivers!

Variant 6: Similar to variant 1. But marked orange on the map. Still destroys a forest and a student farm,

Do you have a real alternative for the campus route? It is not going to be considered.

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