Corona outbreak at AID unrelated to AID

Resource magazine is sure about it, although infections took place during the AID, the outbreak has nothing to do with the AID.

According to the Gelderse Omroep, all infections appeared during the AID and concerned people that were involved with the AID. But does that mean it’s related? Hmmm…?

‘Humans have a natural tendency to find causal relationships’

‘No’ says Resource, just because things seem related does not mean they are related. ‘Humans have a natural tendency to find causal relationships’, they explain. ‘But in reality, life is a series of unrelated events. There even exists a movement in modern physics that says that the whole concept of time should be abandoned.’

‘Anyway’ Resource concludes, ‘all causality is in the eye of the perceiver, but to say that related events are related, that would be too much.’

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