The bad WURdjokes quiz

Do you have what it takes to become an influencWUR?

Q1. You are trying to start a social media team, how would you call it?

a. WURpoganda
b. aWURness
c. Spread the WURd

Q2. In an attempt to get cheap labour force you start a sketchy voluntarily hiring program. This is called

a. WURked Up
b. tWURking and WURking
c. WURkforce

Q3. Every university needs a mascot. What mascot do you choose?

a. a curryWURst
b. a beWUR
c. a WURwolf

Q4. Some people unfortunately have to stay at the university, also during the holidays. These are only:

a. the WURst students
b. the WURkaholics
c. the summerWURriors

Q5. You no longer have inspiration for a good back-cover for your magazine. What is your first reaction?

a. you WUR disappointed
b. it is not the end of the WURld
c. You had no WURries


All C: Congratulations. You have the mind of Simon Vink and the sense of humor of Vincent Koperdraat. Communication is your thing. You have what it takes to invent the futWur of WUR puns!

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