Your favourite library spot taken? Max(23) knows why.

Fake News That Could Have Been True:

You also have this feeling that the best seat is always taken in the library? This is true: Max (23) claimed the best seat and decided to live there.

It started it the last exam period of previous year. He found that his home was filled with pleasant distractions – like a fridge, a funny housemate or his cuddly cat – that kept him from studying. That’s when he decided to go to the library.

He recalls: “when I first walked in the Forum library, I did not really know what to expect, I was just looking for a place to sit. So, I kept walking and walking till I would find one. Kind of by accident, I stumbled upon this seat on the 6th floor. It looked pristine. I’m not sure if it had been there before. The seat looked new and ergonomical.”

A bit anxious to take someone’s seat, he first checked if really no one was around. “But I didn’t see anyone, so I just sat down, what happened after is a bit of a blur.”

It looked pristine. I’m not sure if it had been there before. The seat looked new and ergonomical.”

“That first day I studied for 12 hours straight. I didn’t even bother to take breaks. It was by far the best studying experience I have ever had. Only around midnight I woke up from my study frenzy, and found out the library was closed.”

Finding himself locked in the library, Max decided to just sleep over. “The seat was so ergonomically pleasing, what else did I need?” And the next day, the exact same thing happened. “I still had a lot of work to catch up with, so I didn’t mind really” Max says.

Now, several months later, Max cancelled his room in Asserpark and has no intentions ever to move back. “I use my books as a pillow, and have two pairs of socks and underwear that I wear intermittently. Moreover: what if I move out and someone would take my seat? No way!”

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