Black Friday MOOC Crowds at WUR ‘Irresponsible’

WUR calls for ‘common sense’ after Black Friday shoppers throng the streets on campus for those amazing MOOC deals. Scenes of the packed bridge at the little pond with the cute swans have raises alarm bells with health authorities asking the public to act responsibly.

Wageningen – WUR has called for students to please stop coming to campus to subscribe for MOOCs, as crowds flooded the streets for the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday MOOC-shopping at WUR. WUR-spokesman says: “Although it is true that 20% off is a huge discount on an ‘open course’, we still advise people to subscribe online for online courses”.

“We cannot forget how badly we have suffered” she continues.  “If we like MOOCs so much, let’s ensure that we are all here for next MOOC,” she added, arguing “it’s worth the sacrifice.”

Despite the warnings, more crowds are expected during the traditional Sinterklaas-Tuition-Fee-Free-Saturday.