The Wageningen train that time forgot

Sitting on the bus from Ede to Wageningen after a long and arduous train ride can really be a pain in the ass. But imagine that was a steam train. Way more fun right?

Well if you have a time machine you can travel back to any date before the 1st of October 1968 and take a ride on the luxurious high speed train/tram named Bello, that used to toot through the streets of Wageningen and Bennekom.

Unfortunately, not much remains of this glorious piece of Wageningen history except for some black and white photos in the snackbar Gerard’s corner on Oude Bennekomseweg, and the statue of a very small man waiting outside Boekhandel Novita in Bennekom.

If you want to check out some photos or read more into it, Gert Jan Koster and Oud Wageningen have you sorted.