Wageningen student admits that money is more important than saving the planet

Eric (23) has been a student at Wageningen University for two years. “I often tell my friends that I believe that we need to change the system from within, but it’s actually a load of bollox. I just want to make money so I can have a decent standard of living” shared Eric.

This is in response to observing how many of his peers have chosen sociology courses, become activists, and started volunteering in NGOs. “I can have a decent salary and buy a house by working on marketing vegan meats, why would I bother with all that activist crap”.

Jeremiah (24), Eric’s friend, explained how he began to grow distant from him when Eric bought a kebab instead of falafel after a night out. “I just couldn’t be friends with someone that gives up on his morals so easily.”

A recent study conducted by the Jester that never actually happened, shows that despite WURs bold marketing claims, the vast majority of students care more about making money than saving the planet.

Results of inconclusive study.