Student council election does not bring changes in seat distribution

Last week, 28.7% of the students voted during the student council elections and here are the results: Of the 3,402 valid votes: 388 votes have been given to the christian student party CSF, 1,121 votes have been given to S&I (sustainability and internationalization) and 1,873 votes have been given to VeSte. (Verenigde Studenten) The definitive […]

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VeSte clarifies: Written agreement with student association was one-time event

In response to the article posted last week on this site, in which was claimed that VeSte used contracts to assure themselves from the support of student associations, VeSte tells us that they can’t find themselves in the image that has been created. It was neither a contract nor have documents of this sort have […]

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Student Party VeSte: We support your interests. If you sign the contract.

Student associations sign a contract that forces them to support VeSte.

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