Dutch parliament members question WUR’s collaboration with pesticide manufacturers

In response to an article published on news platform Follow the Money, members of parliament De Groot en Paternotte (D66) have filed questions regarding the independence and reliability of WUR’s research. They have officially asked for a response of both the Dutch ministers of agriculture and education.

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Who is to blame for the Dutch agricultural impasse?

An opinion piece – by David Benjamin de Winter One of the most heated and prevalent discussions in Dutch society right now, and most certainly in the hallways of Wageningen University, is the debate about the reculturisation of our agricultural landscape. The discussion is in full swing at this moment, as many people are afraid […]

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The Wageningen model : lessons in education

Consider for a second what you value the most about education in Wageningen. Every single one of us may have a different answer but a sizeable portion would agree that it is quite a unique place. WUR has made a name for itself in the agricultural and environmental sciences and yet, if that is not […]

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