Controversial WUR Satire

New Building Syngenta Upcoming!

The years of Louise Fresco in the board of Unilever were not without merit. On campus we can now enjoy a state of the art research laboratory. However, the recent appointment of Louise Fresco to the board of directors at Syngenta leads to a new question: Where should we build the new Syngenta Office? The Jester investigated the best locations on campus.

Option 1

The big field on Droevendaal: The inhabitants of Droevendaal are known to be amongst the most activist and green around campus and with Fresco on the board, Syngenta has set out to be the most sustainable company in the world: a perfect match! For the housing of the Syngenta employees Idealis already planned to build four new sustainable barracks right next to the office building.

Option 2

The ‘Dassenbos’ (badgers forest): Previous plans to construct a road through this exquisite stretch of nature have up till now been prevent- ed, because of environmental concerns. However, with a plant breeder such as Syngenta, the forest could benefit from the experience and expertise in plant breeding. The end result: a more sustainable ‘Dassenbos’ that even the biggest environmental freaks would be in favour of.

Option 3

The new education building: It is not easy to have a true influence on the educational activities of the WUR. How can we get rid of this big, bureaucratic hassle? Would it not be more effective to let Syngenta organize courses themselves? The course SYN230902- Monopolizing Agriculture in Third World Countries is a 6 ECTS course that covers all aspects of development.

Option 4

Top floor of Atlas: It is important to keep
lines short. Sharing office space with Syngenta would be a great opportunity for Louise Fresco to share her independent thoughts with the company. To prevent Unilever from getting jealous, we suggest that the offices of the Supervisory Board will be replaced by a Calve experience centre.