People and Himalayan Salt

An opinion-piece

I guess that it is a good thing that WUR tries to do something about stress, although I don’t get why we should be surfing on it. Should we be really trying to balance on top of the giant stress wave? Why not directly put a giant mechanic stress bull in Forum and let everyone try to sit on that thing for about two years. Might be a better metaphor!

Anyways, a good initiative, but it does not get to the core of the stress problem. Luckily for you, I found out what exactly is the core of the stress problem: it is Himalayan Rock Salt.

It is Himalayan Rock Salt.

Yes people. The answer to the stress problem was standing on your kitchen sink all along, being innocent and pink and rocky.

Being innocent and pink and rocky.

There are two serious health risks to Himalayan rock salt: the first risk is that people will tell you that it’s healthy and you will get super annoyed. The second risk is that people will tell you that it’s healthy and you will actually use the enormously overpriced rock and become insane.

Or maybe there’s a third health risk: too much salt raises your blood pressure. BO-RING!

Just to be clear. Life is life and salt is salt. And salt we use for food is NaCl and NaCl comes in a crystal shape and crystals are pretty pure. That’s why they form crystal structures. And salt crystals are pretty pure too (>97%). It is mainly salt. So the difference is made in the left-over 3%.

For those 3 percents, we have 3 options: Option 1. fill it up with natural micro plastics: you get sea salt (€10 p/kg). Option 2. fill it up with calcium (just like in your city tap water) and a little bit of rust (as colorant). Ta-da: Himalayan salt (€32 p/kg). Or option 3. fill it up with more salt and a tad of Iodine which is extremely useful for you thyroid glands (again BO-RING): table salt (€0,31 p/kg).

Obviously, you would go for the micro plastic one. Or the rusty option. But never for the table salt one. Because that one doesn’t taste good, and the other ones do. Let me tell you why: you put TOO much of it! Because it’s impossible to get a right dose! Because they’re coarse grained or just freakin’ rocks.

Freakin’ rocks

And did you know Himalayan salt comes from the Himalayas? That’s far. How’s that for you I-buy-local-Wageningen-people?

Bottom line is: Himalayan salt puts a lot of stress on me and therefore also the environment. If you want to surf on that, that’s OK. But stay balanced!

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