VeSte clarifies: Written agreement with student association was one-time event

In response to the article posted last week on this site, in which was claimed that VeSte used contracts to assure themselves from the support of student associations, VeSte tells us that they can’t find themselves in the image that has been created. It was neither a contract nor have documents of this sort have been structurally sent to associations.

Veste clarifies: “We never make up contracts with partnering organisations. Relationships with many associations are based on mutual trust and friendship.”

“However, relationships and collaborations that we have, logically come with mutual expectations. When student organisations want to write down mutual expectations to prevent miscommunication, VeSte understands this, because of the fact that we want to make sure that the collaboration between VeSte and the organisation is open and transparent for all members of the organisation.”

They state: “There has only been one case where a written agreement on expectations was desired.”

Veste likes to stress that the document in last week’s article was not a contract and not legally binding whatsoever, but just a written agreement. 

“Moreover,”  Veste says, “transparency is a core value of VeSte, as this is what makes democracy trustworthy. So whenever things are unclear, just come to us, and we try to help you to as good as we can.”