Student life

Cool side job: become city poet of Wageningen

After years of loyal poetry service, city poet Ivanka de Ruijter moves on and that means that Wageningen is now hiring a new city poet.

From all the side jobs you could choose, which one beats being a city poet? Imagine: attending all the city’s events at front row, hanging out with the city’s rich and famous, drinking teas in the salons with the highbrow elite,, discussing Schiller and Keats, Shakespeare and Homer and making money while you do so.

All you need to do:

  • To be a resident of Wageningen
  • To have no 9 to 5 mentality
  • 0 years of experience
  • and preferably: Talent.

The 28th of January there will be a poetry competition hosted by the city library “BBLTHK” and you can participate. A jury will judge the poets and poems on content and rhetorics. To enter the competition you’ll need to write a poem about Wageningen’s upcoming mayor and to send in a work of your own. More info you can find here. May the best win!