The full moon saw me tonight

A Poem by Pieres K.

Tonight was pure magic.
The sky full of glare,
The sun, less nostalgic,
Looked straight at my bare
Soul and feet.

Light rays were hit
By an urgent desire
For dust horses to meet
And ride far, until fire
Catches on their tip,
Carving trails of course
and big firefly showers.

Bulbs and diodes, so vivid,
Painted nightscapes of cities
Cars were moving, clocks ticking
In one synchronized sound.

Not far, in a small town
Where young scholars share giggles,
Creating riddles and Reinen ripples
Few cold quacks,
Leaves now brown,
The last tired bikes roll around.
But just when streets become silent,
While canals by fog are bound,
A pair of eyes looks up
And smiles gently, enlightened.

Tonight I saw blue mother Earth rise.
But unlike most nights,
In a magic instant, so rare,
A pair of eyes noticed,
Looking straight at my bare
Silver, full circle soul.

Pieres K.