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Idealis Renovation Plans

Say goodbye to one of your housemates!

Student life is all about discovering who you are, drinking with your mates, and having lengthy dinners with your housemates as you debate on which pasta shape was the best engineered for sauce retention. 

In the future, however, it may also be about having coffee with the grandma next door, or playing hide and seek with the kid in your corridor – how exhilarating!

As of next year, Idealis plans to start the renovation of the student complexes at Walstraat, Marijkeweg, Haarweg, Binnenveld, Dijkgraaf, Bornsesteeg, Hoevestein and Asserpark.

In an article of ‘De Gelderlander’, the director of Idealis Bart van As, said they’re thinking of reducing the amount of students per corridor by one or two. They want to open up the Idealis apartments for youngsters from Wageningen and perhaps, in the long term, transform student accommodations into elderly livings.

How cool is that! To live together with your grandmother and your little cousin! Student life will never be the same – grandmother’s are known to be the best cooks and you’ll be surprised to see that the waltz is not an outdated dance at all. 

Bart van As adds that they’re thinking to reduce the amount of students, to make space for “meeting places” in Hoevestein and Asserpark. The days of stuffy hallways will be long behind us. 

Times are indeed changing, with housing shortages being an issue almost all students in Wageningen are much too familiar with. In addition, some of the complexes have become a little outdated, driving Idealis to make those buildings 21st century-proof. 

So with this we say: it’s probably best to start doing those dishes you’ve been avoiding from now on. Otherwise, you may get replaced by a new entertainment area (or by your own grandmother).

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