WUR to donate Louise Fresco’s office supplies to Wageningen’s historical museum

The boards decision and what it could mean for the next president

After thoughtful consideration, the executive board has concluded that they are unable to safely preserve all the ground that Louise Fresco has touched during her time at WUR. They have gone for the second-best alternative–her office supplies.

Hoping that 5 years of sitting on that desk chair, crafting elaborate tweets on that keyboard, and stapling classified documents with that stapler would allow these implements to take some of her undeniably mystical aura, the historical museum of Wageningen will display them in a restricted, weather-proof zone for all residents of Wageningen and beyond.

The board’s decision has also included an additional budget to be allocated for acquiring new office supplies for new president Sjoukje Heimovaara. Sjoukje will not only have a difficult time satisfying the easy roll-of-the-tongue name of her predecessor but will need to find a way to, in the next five years, imbue her possessions with a similarly mythical air. One day, we may see them evenly displayed next to Louise’s.

This article was written based off of WUR’s post on June 20th.