Controversial WUR Financial Opinion Satire

Please help poor students pay WUR! Donate to the WUR fund.

To help those students with a difficult financial situation, WUR started a crowdfunding campaign. In all their generosity the multi-million company WUR offers the possibility for you, a student that is living on government loans and frozen pizza, to pay for their tuition fees. We slightly rewrote the original crowdfunding text. Additions are marked.

We are all experiencing on a daily basis the consequences of the quickly spreading coronavirus. This is a time of great uncertainty, also for Wageningen students. The university is doing its absolute best to help them through these tough times pay their tuition fee. Nonetheless, there are still students who were already facing difficulties paying tuition fee and now require extra support paying tuition fee. They have to delay their studies and find themselves in acute financial need because of ceasing income enormous tuition fees.

A small financial contribution can go a very long way for these students. University Fund Wageningen has therefore set up an emergency fund which, with your support, can ensure that everyone can continue their studies safely and securely and WUR does not need to miss out on any income. The WUR mission is ‘to connect for quality of life’ and that has perhaps never been more relevant!

Please help and make a donation today. If we all give a little, together we can make an enormous difference in students’ lives a little difference on the overall financial balance of WUR .

University Fund Wageningen and WUR will jointly ensure that your contribution is used where it matters most. That is: in de vault of WUR.

Edit: Don’t take this as a discouragement to donate money to people in need. See it as a proposal to WUR. If helping poor students is the aim, maybe WUR itself could help them with their tuition fees?