New crowdfunding campaign for student housing monopoly holder

Owner of 5000 rooms in Wageningen feels very sorry for raising rent.

An opinion piece

We received some sad news from Idealis in our mailbox the other day. They don’t know where the future will go and have a hard time making the ends meet.

But it is not like Idealis to just sit still and do nothing: they came up with an inventive way to raise money for the poor corporation. Last week they started a crowdfunding campaign amongst their renters and asked everyone to chip in at least 5 euros per month. From the extra money they will make, they will try to offer the exact same service as before!

Of course, we know you are having a hard time and probably lost your job, but if we work together, we can help Idealis survive these difficult times! Do you also want to help your landlord? Go to your bank account and transfer extra money, now!

If you are heartless and cannot see the hardship that the company is going through, then write an objection to the huurcommissie by July 2020.

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