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Read our guide to avoid getting lost in the depths of the seat booking system

The university’s pandemic seat booking system gives some security. To others, it adds to the last-minute exam anxiety. We’ve all seen it—the bottlenecks at the entrance of the library as people decipher the non-sequential seat numbers, the student that hovers around the third floor deciding whether to kick someone from the seat they booked 36 hours ago. But hover no more, we’ve prepared this guide to navigate the new period without getting lost in the depths of TimeEdit.

  1. As you enter the library, open some random e-mail on your phone, pretend to read it, rotate your phone a couple of times, then walk towards the first empty seat you see. Congratulations, you have overcome the first step of no-booking shame.
  2. Bring your own seat label. It slides right into—and out of—your laptop sleeve. Be sly and confuse any diligent seat-bookers.
  3. Alternatively, take your favorite seat label home. No one will steal your couch spot, and you’ll feel just like home at the good-old L2seat036.
  4. Bring as many RSI prevention gadgets as you find—your whole home office if you can. It will scare people away from claiming their seat. If they do, you can angrily stare at them while you fold your three laptop stands and unplug your five USB connections (Visit the WURlaptop shop for more information).
  5. If all of this fails, TimeEdit does let you spread around your 7hrs and 50 minutes of study time in infinite intervals. We suggest 20 minutes staring at bikers at the Forum window seats, 20 more being blinded by the hospital aesthetics of the Leeuwenborch library, and another final 20 running into all of your acquaintances at your most frequented building. Feel free to call it a productive day afterwards.