Student life

A WURld of possibilities

A group of 22 students is taking a stance for a more progressive curriculum at WUR.

Wageningen is a wonderful place to study and to live; students here enjoy their everyday life through various activities, whether that be frolicking at the farmer’s market, attending a live concert at Impulse, or even catching drinks with the roomies after a long day of classes. 

However, even in a seemingly progressive place like Wageningen, issues like “green-washing”, neo-colonialism, gender inequality and exploitation of resources are still prominent. Making an active stand against these will be a steppingstone to a more inclusive, equal, and solidary society.

But do WUR students show interest in helping to change these problems or addressing them?

The answer is yes! A group of 22 WUR students (known for their catchy slogan: Another WURld is Possible) did their first appearance on the 21st of April at Forum’s entrance to address such issues and make a stance. This group of critical thinking students met through the Capita Selecta Course “Resistance, Power and Movements”, and through both research and reflection, they identified various issues are not as perfect as they look at WUR – how unsurprising. The three pillars of their demonstration were: Capitalism, Colonialism, Patriarchy.

Although these concepts may not seem to have to do with WUR at first glance, most of students fall into the trap of a safe “Wageningen bubble” and may not speak up or feel powerless in front of big, global and systemic issues. According to the organizers of the demonstration, this must change – activism has to be part of students’ active lives and although WUR is trying to be an inclusive and sustainable university, there is always room for improvement.

If 22 students had the initiative to express themselves, so can you. Organize initiatives, talk with like-minded students, create open places for discussion and debates, raise awareness of your surroundings, and take a stance for a better WURld.

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