Day: August 16, 2019

New Building Syngenta Upcoming!

The years of Louise Fresco in the board of Unilever were not without merit. On campus we can now enjoy a state of the art research laboratory. However, the recent appointment of Louise Fresco to the board of directors at Syngenta leads to a new question: Where should we build the new Syngenta Office? The […]

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The life-changing journey?

Thesis writing… We all have to face it at some point, and whether we dread it or can’t wait for it, we all are caught by surprise at some point. A 6-month-long conversation on theses, based on true events; and all with a cynic’s advice to boot. The constant struggle between denial and fear of […]

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Louise Fresco

Louise Fresco: a literature review

One of the most heated and prevalent discussions in the hallways of this university is the communication from and positioning of the president of our board; Louise Fresco. The critique over Fresco’s position and actions lies in the debate over her links with big businesses and how she is strengthening the links between the university and these corporations.

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