Month: September 2019


Dutch music: an essential guide in 6 songs.

The last few decades, European culture has been dominated by US influences and definitely US pop songs. Now, with Trump in power, a cultural void needs to be filled: here are 6 amazing Dutch songs you should listen to!

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We should be marching on

Already almost four months ago, on a cloudy Friday afternoon in May, a few hundred students and citizens of Wageningen came together to march the streets of our small town, to raise awareness for the climate crisis we are in. What has happened since? (too little)

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To all International Students: Housing is available (but you should share a kitchen with 70 people)

On Monday this week, over 15 tents popped up next to the pond, creating a small stir in the ever quiet Wageningen. A group of students has set up camp to manifest for the student housing shortage. Their goal: to create awareness for the growing community of students without a permanent or stable living. However, […]

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City scam reaches Wageningen

Getting scammed is something that happens in big cities, on sketchy websites and when you’re trying this new gin-tonic diet that REALLY WORKS!>! But nowadays you can also get scammed when looking for a room in Wageningen. Fresh master student Giacomo found out when he got tricked into transferring a whole lot of money for […]

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