Month: January 2020

Climate guilt: a Trojan subconscious error

Are you a green beaver? Do you have powers to release climate guilt? An opinion piece.

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Muscular woman carries the world on burning Atlas building made out of bones

We tried to interpret Resource’s drawing accompanying this week’s article ‘What Should WUR Do About The Climate Crisis’ Let’s start by describing what we see and be careful not to upset anyone here: We see a woman carrying the world. We can tell it is a woman, because of the large breasts depicted. This woman […]

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WUR dialogues hijacked by presenter

What was supposed to be an easy night out in ‘The Spot’ ended up in a small drama, as a conversation was brutally kidnapped by a presenter. Bystanders described the conversation as friendly and interesting and always in a good mood, but critics mention it was naive to go out in the Spot at that […]

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