Month: February 2020

Exceptional Achievements of Professors well awarded!

According to the financial report of WUR, a professor holding a personal chair made 365.547 and a half euro in 2017 and that’s even more than the Dutch prime minister. How is this possible?

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The threat behind pursuing customer health with traffic light indicators

Many news and facts running through the digital World exist only because of the hype built around them. One recent hype that wanders around: Nutri-scores. Traffic light indicators that tell you which food is good and which is bad.

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Dutch parliament members question WUR’s collaboration with pesticide manufacturers

In response to an article published on news platform Follow the Money, members of parliament De Groot en Paternotte (D66) have filed questions regarding the independence and reliability of WUR’s research. They have officially asked for a response of both the Dutch ministers of agriculture and education.

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