Day: September 30, 2020

Conflicting Interests – An investigation into scientific transparency

The time that scientists were figuring out how gravity works or whether the earth spins around the sun or the other way around is over. The academic institutions of yesteryear have changed dramatically, professors are no longer the unquestioned top of the scientific society – now they have to fight for research funding. The Dutch […]

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WUR FINANCIAL: How the money flows

Revenue With a total revenue of €728 million, WUR has quite some money to spend. Main sponsor is the Dutch government that finances the university with at least €226million  worth of education subsidies. €157 million is spent by the ministry of agriculture (LNV) and the Dutch food authority (NVWA). €38 million comes from the student […]

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Green pilled

There are (at least) two sides to almost everything. You name it, it has two sides. Facemasks: front and back. Lockdown: ups and downs. The moon: bright and dark. WUR also appears to have two sides: The one of the students and employees and the one of the board.The side of forum and the side […]

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