Wageningen supermarkets stop spread of corona with extended opening hours

In an ultimate effort to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Wageningen, supermarkets have offered to open their shops the 25th of December. The municipality almost cried to see so much empathy and gratefully accepted.

Uptill now, corona has not been fought very successfully as record numbers of cases are still recorded around The Netherlands. But not if it was up to the Wageningen supermarkets. They came up with a brilliant idea to stop the spread of corona: Extended opening hours.

Although this might seem counter-intuitive, since all other shops and bars and cafes and centres and places where people go to, need to be closed, the supermarkets insist this is the ultimate act of selfishnessless.

“As studies have shown, one thing Covid-viruses can’t stand is consumerism and capitalist profit. No one likes greedy supermarkets, but especially the covid-virus is vulnerable to fake and empty altruism.”

We try to do the most altruistic thing, by doing the most selfish thing

According to the supermarkets, the Covid-virus is attracted to people that really help others and show real affection. “See also the situation in elderly homes, where care-takers do their utmost best. That is shown to be counter effective. Instead we (red: the supermarktets) try to do the most altruistic thing, by doing the most selfish thing, by just opening up where all other shops face a mandatory closing.”

The municipality gratefully accepted the generous offer of the Wageningen supermarkets, praising it as an example of how Covid can also bring people together. “Doing nothing is never the solution, but consuming more might be!”