Dutch student happy to not receive €300,- per month because of student challenge

Kim (23) was happy to hear a few years ago that she would not receive any student subsidy (stufi) because all the money would be spend on improvements in education. And since a few weeks she knows her money was well spent.

One thing she was really delighted to find out about, was that her professors now have more time for peer reviews. “If you ask me, I’d easily pay €90,- per month for this great improvement” says Kim.

The second thing she really loved was the surf-your-stress-week hosted by the university. “To put a price tag on it, is of course difficult, but at least €50,- per month seems reasonable” she says.

“Then of course I did not yet talk about the bring your own device improvement. Finally, university got rid of all those computers and i can bring my own device! So convenient, I would pay €80,- per month for it, without a doubt. “

I’m so happy I don’t get any stufi anymore!

Last but not least Kim was happy to find out that the WUR student challenge was organised with the money of the Stufi. “I heard you can win a price with the student challenge! So I would gladly pay around €80,- per month for such a challenge.

All in all Kim finds all the changes rather cheap. “Only €300,- per month for all these great improvements? I’m so happy I don’t get any stufi anymore!”