Month: November 2020

Dialogue Centre – a PR dream come true!

While some people turn to picking up old and new hobbies, domesticate whole cultures of yeast and bacteria in their kitchen, or exhaust the Dutch supply of puzzle games, the WUR seems to have found their way of beating boredom during a global pandemic. New buildings are popping up on campus like mushrooms these days. The newest acquisition in the collection: a dialogue centre.

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WUR’s guide to masking positive results

It seems that the most pressing factor that determines chicken health commonly goes by the name of ‘financial interests’ and it does not really require an animal nutrition degree to understand it, but instead you can make use of this thorough and useful guide on how to follow the researchers’ footsteps.

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Tom(23) thinks he is an activist because he commented on Facebook

When Covid-19 hit and governmental restrictions made it increasingly difficult to stand up for resistance, at first Tom was afraid it would stop him from being activist. Until yesterday, because yesterday Tom commented on Facebook. “It was a post on the US elections” Tom says. “I read the comments of people that said that Trump […]

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