Month: December 2020

Le Roi Soleil du Vallei

Although recent plans to build a solar park at Nergena were cancelled, WUR is determined to remain the Roi Soleil du Vallei. They have now set their eyes a few hundred meters down the road and bought the Versailles of Bennekom: Groot Nergena.

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Black Friday MOOC Crowds at WUR ‘Irresponsible’

WUR calls for ‘common sense’ after Black Friday shoppers throng the streets on campus for those amazing MOOC deals. Scenes of the packed bridge at the little pond with the cute swans have raises alarm bells with health authorities asking the public to act responsibly.

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How to impress that Unilever Hottie!

We all know if you want to impress the Unilever hottie you see in the library every Wednesday, you got to get that image in tip top shape. Unilever doesn’t just go for any old scrappy looking independent university, they choose the finest looking in the land.

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