I cant believe it

New multinational Upfield coming to campus: Unilever 2.0

Again, a multinational decided to settle in Wageningen. Say welcome to Upfield.

Let us introduce: Upfield is the biggest producer of margarine, spreads and cheeses worldwide and will invest €50m in a Upfield Food Science Centre in between the buildings of Unilever and Friesland Campina. Upfield owns brands such as Flora, Blue Band, Stork, Becel, Country Crock and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

For long Upfield was part of Unilever, until it got bought recently (2018) by an investor firm. According to Upfield-CEO David Haines, who previously was director at Imperial Tobacco, the announcement is a big step for ambitious and pioneering R&D.

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