Resource Review No.19, 2020

In this new rubric, what was special, exciting or strange from WUR’s own Resource Magazine? We present the highlights of Resource No. 19, 2020.

#1. P.5 Columnist likes rats

Why are rats still seen as vermin? Only because they crawl into sewers? Spread bubonic plaque? Are omnivorous destroyers of wildlife? And just because hedgehogs aren’t, people like them better? Unfair!

#2. P.6 A letter sent in by the People’s Republic of China

Resource now also offers the possibility to reply on world politics through the sent in letters rubric. In the previous edition, a student from Hong Kong expressed concern for the political situation there and apparently this was too controversial. Freedom of speech always gives people the shivers, so, in the latest Resource edition, a letter was accepted that seems to be written by the communist party of China itself. In this letter, fighting for freedom is compared with stealing, raping and murdering. And knocking down democratic reform is ‘bringing back the civilized Hong Kong‘. Interesting editorial choice for a sent-in letter. Idea for the next letter: Russian student has an opinion about annexing Crimea?

#3 P.7 Arthur Mol looks a bit old.

‘You’re on mute’ , ‘Did you turn of the microphone?’, ‘ The camera is above your screen’. ‘Are you still there?’

#4 p.27 A different lay out.

Different fonts, different headings. It looks like an advertorial. Is this the future lay-out of Resource? Who knows?

#5 p.28 Italian person says something about pasta.

Weird that Dutch people eat salad with their pasta isn’t it?

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